Saturday, December 30, 2017


NOW I have to buy Chip McCormick mags for guns I don't have in case Wilson changes anything about them.


Will said...

Wilson mags are NOT "controlled feed", as the original 1911 mags were. They were designed to release the cartridge before it got captured, to help race guns function. I have a vague recollection they are not reliable when the gun is held sideways or upside down. I do recall seeing one spit it's guts out when dropped on the plastic floorplate. Well, it launched itself when the plastic split, with the body landing a few feet away. I've seen the plastic break a few times, but only that one lost containment.

I prefer the Colt mags, but I wish Mag-Pak still made followers/spring kits for them. You just don't expect a good product to go out of business.

NotClauswitz said...

I have a couple Ed Browns and a Tripp Research (, but mostly I have Kimber TacPro's for the .45 - a dozen in 7-round configuration.