Friday, April 9, 2021

Meh, EOs

Seems kinda meh,.  Weak sauce.  Trump's Executive Orders seemed so much more impactful, but I guess that's the nature of it.  It is easier to chop down acres and acre of regs than it is to impose new ones that would survive first contact with the judicial system.


  1. On again off again AR pistol braces are off again.  VERBOTEN!
  2. Try to think of a reg to make 80% frames/lowers verboten.
  3. Try to write up a red flag law to take the burden off the legislature to write the law and then they can just vote on it easy peasey.  It's hard to do a takings with just the Executive branch.  It'd get smacked down fast, they figure.  Get the lawmakers on board for a takings without due process.  To angle for Judicial branch buy in, too.

I half expected the Biden admin to risk more and take a bigger bite of the apple.

None of this puts an onus on bad guys or will move the gun violence needle.  But it's not supposed to.  It's supposed to move the football further down the field toward the total-ban endzone, of course.  Enforce the laws you got, instead of ignoring them.  Prosecute people that commit crimes with guns and imprison such violent people for long periods.  Prosecute people that are forbidden from having a gun for trying to buy a gun.  Project Exile type stuff.  That stuff helped.  But enforcement isn't in fashion right now.  

And this buy-panic is NEVER going to end.


Ritchie said...

Background checks can only, only be based on the presumption of guilt. Red Flag laws can only, only be based on the presumption of intent. Both of which used to need to be based on, oh, something like the outcome of some sort of unbiased deliberation. Funny story, Sumdude Dindu called red flag on the county Sheriff, claiming that because he was in county lockup, that made the Sheriff a family member. Didn't work very well. Colorado has a web site where you can just click boxes to launch the RF process.

Jonathan H said...

I was also surprised at how minimal his EO's were.

I don't think they'll ban braces, but I suspect they'll find a way to limit when and how they can be used - most likely something connected to the mythical 13.5 inch LOP.
I'm also wondering about the gun/ non gun thing - don't forget that 80% is an industry term, and there are also people who sell 60% receivers to stay further from the line. I would not be surprised if they came out with a rule that you can't buy a parts kit and an 80% at the same time; many online vendors are already enforcing this due to ATF pressure...
I was expecting something about imported parts kits; they can (and have in the past) changed import regs at a whim... surprised they didn't announce anything there, but I suspect that many anti-gun people don't even know they exist...