Tuesday, June 8, 2021

All this started

With back pain.  My chief complaint.  First back pain,  Then the numb feet.  I figured the lumbar issues were causing the numbness issues.

They'd found SO many other things.  And tried SO many other things to try to fix it.  Including the unwelcome lymphoma diagnosis.

I just wanted my back to hurt less.  

I gotta get a second opinion.  From a miracle worker for backs.  I'll be patient.  Wait til the weekend. No improvement I am pulling the trigger and calling on Miracle Max.  


If Maryland became Shall Issue I'd be SOL.  Hanging a holster off my belt for CCW inside the wasteband would be painful.  


B said...

You should be careful with your words....

"pulling the trigger" can be misinterpreted.

Mike V said...

So you carry OWB, or in a shoulder holster or off body. I never liked IWB anyway. Hang in there. I know how chronic pain messes with people.

Ritchie said...

Me at work: My back hurts
Guy at work: Your back always hurts
Me: Pretty much

Different issues, plus sciatica.
Used to stash Aspercreme everywhere.
I will note that CBD oil seems to have
knocked the sciatica RTFO.