Thursday, June 3, 2021

Mr. Brightside

So, for that week when the diagnosis was "No WAY you see 60, buddy, the myeloma will carry you off before that" what are the upside to the death sentence?   (It's not, to keep things in clarity.  It is NOT myeloma this week.  It might have been myeloma a few weeks back for exactly one week.  It is just a flavor or non-Hodgkins lymphoma.  Myeloma is being on fire, Waldenstrom is a sun burn.)

Thought process then: Well, I don't have to worry about going senile.  The rest of the T-Bolts are normally known for long lives, and old age dementia is a part of that.  (Still might dodge this one. ) 

I wouldn't  have to worry about saving enough for retirement if it was myeloma.  In fact, I shoulda changed my 401k contribution to something less than 20% already.

I wouldn't have to do much clothes shopping, going forward.

My roof just got replaced.  Check that off the list of things to worry about if less than 60 was gonna be it.

I wouldn't have to watch the long slide into weakness that the PC Marxists are dragging our civilization.  You youngins should learn Chinese.  Freedom?  What is that?

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Windy Wilson said...

Freedom? As George Orwell explained in the Newspeak appendix to "1984", the usage includes only, "This dog is free from fleas."