Sunday, June 20, 2021

When a popular Media organ

 Starts out with "this scientific study says..." brace yourself, you are about to be lied to.  Especially if it is trying to poop on something pleasurable.

I remember the article telling me processed meats were going to give me bowel cancer.  I don't remember the counter article telling me that first study was really sketchy.

And other people were running with it on the first saying there should be a health insurance surcharge for anyone that eat more than one hotdog and 4 slices of bacon a year.  As I was dining on scrapple and corn beef hash every week.

Your local journalist knows as much about journalism as I know what Passenger Pigeon tastes like.  The last time I trusted a 'science' article that told me something pleasurable was bad for me was when they said cigarettes might be unhealthy.


"But T-Bolt, you got that counter-factual about baloney science popular media organ from another popular media organ!"

Quiet, you!  (also, get it?  'baloney' science?  snerk!)

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Marty said...

Now I'm hungry, dammit.