Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Bucket List

"Ok, so, you are not long for this world, T-Bolt.  What's on the ol Bucket List?  Things you wanna do before you kick the bucket."

I was already thinking on this.  And there isn't really anything...  Comes from being kinda satisfied with my lot in life.  

  • Lounge on a boat on Lake Como near Tuscany?  Naw.  I'm not into travel.  I've seen pretty places.
  • Jump out of an airplane?  A perfectly good airplane?  Naw.  Parachuting is cool and all, but I don't need the thrill.  Even if I had good ankles and knees
  • Fire off a machinegun!  Did it.
  • Safari?  Naw.  It'd be cool to eat a whole different set of ungulates, and I'd be less afraid to go after a Cape Buffalo, now, but...  the travel thing really is not my bag.
  • Step in front of a charging Houston tiger to save a complete stranger?  Hell I'd do that if my life expectancy was guaranteed to be age 90+.   I guess if it happens now I'd be less afraid. 
  • Sex with a Hong Kong hooker.  Already done it.
  • I'd like to attend a baseball game at every major league ballpark.  Nope.  That's impossible.


"You wasted all that time being a slug-a-bed."

Naw, it was delicious.  No ragerts.

No regrets on lotsa stuff.  No big ones.  Little things.  Stuff where I causes someone pain.  I'd take some of those back.  Sure, a mulligan here and there'd be nice in some specific instances.  But they sorta made me who I am, and I wouldn't want to change that.  

"But what if you could go back and start again from the beginning?"

You mean like take up shooting earlier?  Restrict myself to the core handful of boomsticks I like with a tight purchasing discipline?  Choose a different college, or learn to be a watchmaker instead?   Major in something else?  Not waste my time and join the Navy to have the Cold War just end?  Again, doing all that stuff the way I did made me who I am.

Wait.  I'd be better at math. How's that?

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Windy Wilson said...

I became a slug-abed during this pandemic (a "portmanteau" word, combining Panic and Epidemic, in this case with emphasis on "Panic."
I have to recover from the quarantine panic, and get out to the range. Partly to sight in a couple of rifles, partly to do enjoyable stuff in the outdoors until I can hike distances again.