Thursday, June 24, 2021

I kinda want a drill index

A real one.  I have a shop full of tools, but nowhere near a proper drill index.

But my shop full of tools is focused on handtool wood working.  

And the cancer has robbed me of the stamina to do much with even the tools I have.  Not like I should expand into a metalworking shop at this late date.  Spendy, huh?  Not really that bad.  I'd spend that kind of money on myself now, anyway.  What with how short life can suddenly get.   

No, at this late date, if my back and stamina issues went away I'd probably concentrate on barrister bookcases.  They are modular.  I have most all the tools for it now.  I have a pile of walnut, enough for ten shelving units or more.  And I got the books to put in em.  

"What do you mean most of the tools, T-Bolt?  What woodworking handtool tool are you missing?"

Ah.  Not really a hand tool.  Remember the stamina problem?  Even at full energy it is a piece of work to thickness four quarter walnut to 5/8ths.  I can and have done it.  But things can go faster with one screaming beast.  I eschew most all other electrical tooling, normally.  Well, except a bandsaw.  Same reason as the thickness planer.  It's a LOT of work resawing or ripping a board.  

But a good drill index IS a thing of beauty.

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Glypto Dropem said...

I have that very set next to my benchtop drill press and a couple of smaller sets with my hand drills.