Saturday, June 19, 2021

Smoking and Covid

There are actual studies that smokers were impacted less than non smokers.  

I won't speak to how reliable the study was.  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Been wary of  'science' even outside ignernt Newsweek articles espousing it.

And if I was still worried about catching Covid I wouldn't take up my Lucky Strike habit, again.  Fought too hard to bat that down.

But I might smoke a pipe at my desk and dare management to say boo about it.

(I've been disappointed with management and how they reacted to the pandemic from day one of this thing.  But for them to say anything to me about smoking a pipe indoors they'd have to actually come into work where I have been since the damn thing started.  Those chickenshits.  Paid more than me to stay home for a year and a half and mismanage me for much longer.)