Wednesday, June 9, 2021


My internet friend and colleague RobertaX is getting eye surgery.  

She dreads it.  And for good reason.  Eyeballs that work are kinda important.  Especially for those of us that are voracious readers.  Plus the actual procedure is kinda squick-inducing.  Some people don't mind eye docs getting all up in their peepers, others would rather eat a big plate of cicada stew.  (Them bastard are on my mind for some reason...)  Rx is the latter kind of person.  I have no idea but I bet her response to people who suggest "Hey you should get contacts!" over the years has been, "HELL, no."

But I wish her every convenience and happy outcome.  


The Neon Madman said...

I had both eyes done a few years ago. In general, quite pleased. Still need glasses for close-up (<18" reading) but overall my vision is much improved.

Jonathan H said...

Hey, don't knock cicadas! They're good when prepared right!