Friday, June 18, 2021

Oh, I need this

And a bargain at five grand!  A proper computer workstation for the home.

That would make gaming possible again.  I can't sit at my computer, still, for more than an hour.  An improvement over last month's 15 minute limit.

My bed is still comfortable enough.  So is the TV La-Z-Boy.  On bad days I can watch DVDs or whatnot.  Been last interested in TV by myself the past decade.   

I gave the chiroprocter the ol' college try.  My Brain Surgeon said "Try it, it can't hurt, and it might help."  The help was marginal, but not worth the 6 hours and $120 bucks I was spending doing it.  Did it for 2 months, just in case.  Adjustment, TENS, heat, decompress, Neuropathy-Laser.  


I don't think acupuncture would be much better, but heck, I'd try.  If I found one the doc liked.  

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FredLewers said...

They're all just 'practicing' medicine.
I'm more interested in getting healed...