Monday, June 7, 2021

Monday Bupkis

I got no blog ideas, so you are getting a health update.

So, whining about back pain the past year, here, which may or may not be cancer related.  Nothing permanent provides relief.

"Whadaya mean by permanent, T-Bolt?"

Well, steroid shots work good, but fades after a week or two.  Get's the pain from a 3,4,5 out of ten down to a 1,2,3.  (5 is 'Bees?' and 6 is 'BEES!').   Oxycontin works even better, but I don't need to tell you the downside of long term use.

Last week I got Radio Frequency Ablation.  Essentially, the nerve are zapped and don't transmit pain signals as much.

My verdict?  Meh.  It helps, yes.  My legs definitely feel stronger now.  I did a long drive to Fredericksburg and back a day later and tolerated that much better than I would have.  I was hoping for more, tho.  The pain isn't down to 1,2,3, but more like 2,3,4.   Drat.  

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Will said...

You might consider checking out HBOT. Your doctors won't think of it. I'm hearing good things, and there is a laundry list of ailments that it appears to help, some of them covered by insurance, some not. Requires a doctors 'script, since it is considered to be a medical procedure. Check in your area for facilities that do it, and talk to them about your problem(s). They can point you to doctors that deal with it, for a referral. Might help if it turns out they have one that works with your medical provider.
I'm in the process of getting this organized, but looks like I'll have to pay out of pocket for my problems. Drat...