Saturday, June 26, 2021

Secret replaced our regular coffee with Folgers crystals...

Gonna hang out with some work friends I don't see face to face at work, normally, over in the 'Dena today.  One of em knows I am sick.  Lessee if the others notice.  

Folks at work I DO see have made remarks.  I look pale, apparently.  Low bloodcells and hemaglobin.  I am self treating that with more steak in the diet. Maybe it will help, maybe it won't, but, still... Steak.  

Bone marrow biopsies are a piece of cake.  Erryone told me they hurt, but naw.  Unless you are fatter and have to go to a more extensive surgical procedure to get down to the bone.  That might suck more.  

If I do bone marrow extraction (for replacement later) like in a donation.. That is supposed to hurt, 'sposedly.  I'll report back if it is true or not, if and when.    

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