Wednesday, June 16, 2021

I wish the Cartel would hijack a .45 truck

They are too cool to use .45 AARP caliber.  And I want .45 to get less than fiddy cents a round.  I bet they'd sell for that!

Well, I want 9mm to be less than fiddy, each, too, actually.  I don't need any 5.56.  So just another ammo case of green tip for less.  Less than now.  

But, yeah, ammo is showing up more and more, just waiting for a bit more dip in pricing.

And praying there actually IS a dip in pricing.


"Pretty sparse blog fodder, T-Bolt."

Yeah, I know.  Working on it. Mail me some inspiration, would ya?

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Goober said...

Inspiration: Kentucky Ballistic's SRBU explosion...

My take?

The SERBU is woefully under-engineered and totally unsafe to use. Yes, the round resulted in an overpressure. Yes, the gun blew up. Those things are things that happen to responsibly designed gun models from time to time without shooting pieces of the gun into the operator's jugular vein.

Mauser figured it out by putting a 3rd lug on their bolt action rifles specifically for this purpose back in the 1890s. John Moses Browning incorporated several upgrades over the 1903 in his 1911 model pistol, but probably most notable as that he redesigned the slide so that it physically COULD NOT come off of the rear of the frame in the event of an overpressure. Arisakas had 3rd lugs and pressure relief holes in the 19-oughties.

But SERBU? All they have are machine threads to keep that cap from blowing directly back at you at rifle velocities. Those pathetic little dog ear things are nothing more than additional shrapnel.

You can look at the rifle and see that there isn't much of anything between you and the 'splodey parts, and what IS there is going to be coming right back at you when things go henshit.

SO, here's my question - how is it that an industry that learned this lesson almost a century and a half ago allows something like the SERBU to even exist without every person that knows what they're looking at going "uhhhh, how about no?"

I remember clearly when I first saw DemolitionRanch's SERBU looking at it, then telling my wife "I wouldn't let you give me one of those. There isn't enough money on the planet to convince me to shoot that effing thing"

Worst of all, I actually own a break action single shot high powered rifle made by H&R. It's in a much smaller caliber, but it's clearly designed to put some meat between you and the 'splosions. Any failure of my H&R would result in a fan of shrapnel going everywhere BUT into my vital bits. I'm not saying it would be pleasant, but it wouldn't be deadly.