Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Gun Control Compromise

Our side really misses an opportunity by not offering compromise gun bills with the gun banners.  

"Ok, this bill prevents our state police forces from ever cooperating with federal law enforcement when they are attempting to enforce federal gun laws, but to compormise with Moms, Everytown, et al, the bill also grants constitution carry to everyone in the state over the age of 18.  We'll call it the Protect the Wee Bairn Act of 2022."

If they balk we act dumbfounded.  "Why are you against compromise?" "We are trying to protect children, why do you want to endanger children?" "Look, we went along with you back in 1994 and 1986 and 1968 and 1934, it's time we came up with stuff for you to compromise on for a few decades, as it is only fair.  Why you gotta be unfair." and:

"Fine, we'll add an amendment that the state has to subsidize the purchase of a self-defense handgun for anyone over 18 that can pass a NICS check, are you happy now?  Compromise!"

Like a piece of cake?

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Bob said...

The only gun control laws which gun owners should support are those which penalize the criminal misuse of guns. No law should be supported which attempts to disarm or infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens, or which attempts to punish them for the actions of criminals. Period.