Friday, July 30, 2021

All gun control is racist

But you know, if you go after firearm felons by increasing apprehensions and prosecution...

And I'm not talking mere possession (that wraps up a lotta folks that carry for the right reason, people interest in self defense) just give them a ticket or a warning.  I'm not talking locking felons in possession (figure out a way to make that a mere misdemeanor somehow, a big time convicted shoplifter with a piece is not really a big danger).  I'm talking only coming down hard on convicted violent felons, or committers or violent felonies, also in possession.  And throwing the federal book at them guys.  Lenient on all others.  Modified Project Exile.  If you jump on EVERY gun possessor you violate a lot of otherwise innocent people.  And those violations are problematic.  And, hell, could even be me.

Even if you just did that, just really went after the actual real bad guys... that system would still appear to be super racist.  The net bags a disproportionate amount of black men.  For one thing that effort is gonna concentrate on urban areas.  Baltimore, Chicago, Oakland, St Louis.  Where violent white felons do not concentrate (as if they concentrate anywhere)  So. There are bad optics, there, at a minimum.

I don't know how to solve this and make everyone happy.  Or at least the innocent and undeserving unviolated. I guess I am not a good Solutionary.  Sorry, Maj, I'll keep trying.    

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