Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Was tempted to buy some ammo...

But why?

Sure, my brand is available again, And the prices are more reasonable.  Not ideal, but no longer prohibitive.  

But my burn rate is still WAY down.  Anemia makes for a crappy range day, so they are few.  I can wait still longer.

Next follow-up is 3 AUG.  Two weeks.  This guy's front office is not impressing me.  

A good front desk is a sign of a good doc.  Generally speaking.  I'm not saying quit a doc because of a crappy receptionist.  But definitely take that into account.  Conversely, let an outstanding front desk help improve your confidence in the whole operation.    

Upside?  Ima need to cut another hole is this belt.  Been losing a goodly amount of weight.

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BobF said...

Hang in there, and especially hang on to the good things.

I have left three doctors over the years because of their front offices. Actually, one was a dentist. No single event merits such action, but after a trend I worry that these are the people handling my records, and in the day, my referrals. Stress because of the front office should not be part of a visit.

My labs and pain level indicate I'm falling apart in multiple ways, but you are winning that race, if that can be called winning. Again, keep posting, keep pushing, and keep enjoying the good things.

Captcha: Had to laugh: ID Taxis. Heh. Could have been ID anything yellow. :-)