Sunday, July 11, 2021

Booze seasons

Like wearing white shoes, booze should be consumed in season.  Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, clear liquors are appropo.  In the colder months, the brownest of the brown liquors.  Bourbon.  Or Scotch if you are one of THOSE kind, ya filthy animal.

(Little secret?  Go ahead and drink what you want when you want.  Just pretend to civilized, outwardly.  Or not.  I like uncivilized filthy animals, too.  Yes, I knew plenty of Marines.)

There you go!  Items for a Bucket List.  Booze I wanna try but really haven't appreciated in my short life and before I get spirited away by Cancer and Vengeful God.

  • I haven't touched Tequila since a very traumatic even at age 17.   Maybe get some good stuff of that.  Try it again.  Not a WHOLE bottle just yet, I am still traumatized 35 years later.
  • Madiera
  • Proper Absinthe
  • Napoleon Brandy
  • A well made Olde Fashioned.
  • Gin Fizz
  • Lime Rickey
  • Pimm's Cup
  • Claret
  • I got good gin and quite a few good bourbons accounted for.... never hurts to expand this list, cocktail wise of otherwise.
  • ... what else?


Bigus Macus said...

Gin and Tonic with a Lime, good for Malaria , Scurvy, and Covid. It saved the British Empire, God Bless the Empire and God Save the Queen.

Grey Mobius said...

You need to try Maraska Slivovitz, A very strong but not sweet plum brandy. This is a traditional Christmas drink around the Mobius household. It comes in a coin shaped bottle. Do not try the pear brandy - it's like drinking sugar syrup not unlike Yukon Jack

Marty said...

Today I will be celebrating the release of another book with some good bourbon, a good cigar, and a beautiful woman...

McChuck said...

I eschew Slivovitz after spending too much time in Albania and Kosovo, where it gets called Rakija. There is no such thing as good raki. It actually tastes better with just a touch of formaldehyde.

Greek Rakomelo, on the other hand, is raki mixed with honey and spices, and is remarkably good.

Borepatch said...

French 75 (Hemingway's favorite)

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I was NOT impressed with the French 75, BP. The Aviation, however, is very nice.

PM said...

You might be interested in the recipes for a "cheat's Pimms":
2 parts Gin
2 parts Red Vermouth
1 Part Orange Curacao (or Triple Sec!)

Better with Curacao in my opinion. Fruit and mixer (lemonade or ginger ale) ad libitum.