Friday, July 30, 2021


The botanicals are very strong in Plymouth gin, and are more floral and piney.

The botanicals are strong in Aviation gin and are more spicy and a bit more subtle.

I like both.  But if I had to choose, I'd go with the Aviation.  


Had my first Old Fashioned and properly made French 75 last week.  Just to keep up on the cocktail bucket list.  

I was told that the French 75 was half brandy, half champagne.  It's better than that.  Gin, champagne, lemon. And it didn't give me an artillery quality hangover because I had just one.  


Ritchie said...

It's medicinal. Yeah, that's the ticket. Say, can you clean guns with it?

Borepatch said...

The French 75 is pretty good. What's interesting is that I was on a business trip and somehow Travel booked us at a VERY hip hotel catering to 30-somethings. The bar offered French 75s.