Tuesday, July 20, 2021

It used to be middle aged suburban dad-bods

It used to be middle ages suburban dad-bod types that carried concealed in a fanny pack.  Goofy and uncool.  Might as well wear sandals and black socks.  Or inline skates.  

Well, it's come full circle and criminals are using the fanny packs now.  Is gangster rap culture cool, or has it become as uncool as fat old guys?

Just awful.  Awful for fashion reasons, and awful, in this case, for heinous daylight street execution.  

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Glypto Dropem said...

I have a Blackhawk concealed carry fanny pack that I normally wear at my 11 o'clock. It fits the bill in summer when I am wearing shorts, and if I need to go to a soft target area where I need to carry larger and more. It has a easy open compartment with built in holster and stretch strap for a spare mag.

"Gun, what gun? It's just my glasses, cell phone, and meds." At 59 I am posing as an old doofus for cover.