Tuesday, July 6, 2021

I wasn't gonna send in my NRA ballot

Because to hell with Wayne LaPierre (he's got to go).  But John convinced me otherwise.  You got to August 15th to vote, sign it, stamp it and hope the mail gets it there before then.  Plan ahead.

Like youse, I am disappointed in the NRA, president and board.  Grifters.  Cancer.  But the organization can be better, needs to be better, and I hope it can get better. Also, I want the NRA to do better because they pay money to friends of mine who do actual good work for them.  JayG and Tam


Bigus Macus said...

The wife and I both submitted our ballots with Jay and Rocky as write ins.

Wyowanderer said...

life member, but I'm transitioning to GOA. NRA is on the wrong side of too many things, and they've got too much money for the amount of honor they possess.

Comrade Misfit said...

My membership will lapse before they count the ballots, so it’d probably get tossed. I’ll save the stamp.

I sent the amount of the renewal to SAF.

McChuck said...

I sent in my ballot with Rocky and Bullwinkle written in, along with a note saying, "Not another dime while LaPierre still holds power!"