Friday, July 23, 2021


First the mayor of New York

Now Ol' Puddinhead.

The gun banners feel comfortable talking about banning hundguns again.  It's 1974 again, when Dr. Mark Borinsky founded the National Council to Control Handguns.  

Of course the proportions of revolvers back then was higher.  They are specifically concerned with 'just' semi-auto pistols these days.  They say.  You know, the most in-common-use flavor out there.  So lots of voters own one.  Lots of those voters don't want the gov't to take it.  Lots of those voters are Democrats.

How do they square the circle, here?  If you can't do it during the Ford/Carter years when there wasn't decades of "Hell no, they aren't gonna take THIS right away" purchases made...


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