Saturday, July 31, 2021

Well shoulda saved the Gin post for today

Ah, well.  

Apparently it's masks back on at work Monday.  We are at numbers lower than when mask came OFF, and any upward trend may be whole contributable to importing illegal aliens, but...  Whatever

But I won't be there anyhoo, Cancer doc in Georgetown will take up the whole damn day.  And that's a doc office, so it was planned for masks no matter what.

Squall send a tree limb down on my car.  Thought I escaped damage but... it hit the pillar and cracked the windshield, so I got THIS to deal with.  Safelight prolly, that dent doesn't look too bad.  But that kind of dent can total a car if it is too big.  Drat.

How was YOUR week?

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