Friday, July 23, 2021


Not everyone in Gentrified-DC-Stay-On-THAT-Side-Of-The-River is defund ACAB insane.  He's prolly not good of folks defending them ownselves, but at least he isn't saying the solution to all of DC's problem is somehow... gun control?

The dividing line in DC used to be Rock Creek Park.  The 'dirty poors' used to be East of the Park, and if they knew what was good for them they'd stay there.  Well, the liberals in DC have chased out poor whites and there are only poor blacks living in DC.  And the Progs want them to stay on their side of the Anacostia.  So there is a racial element when Lefties get up in arms about crime in 'their' section.  The police chief is telling them that Lefty policies aren't going to solve it for them.

Oh, and West of the Park used to be a black neighborhood back before it built up.  Black farms inside the city limits.  Cheap housing lacking plumbing and sewage like downtown had.  More than a century ago.  They were chased out starting before WWI.  

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