Thursday, July 29, 2021

This is bad gris gris

You hate to see it.

Remington Offers $33m to Families of Sandy Hook Shooting Victims

I know the perfectly cromulent justifications of Remington, but it is in NO WAY Remington's fault.  


Glypto Dropem said...

Remington should have said, "Fuck off, we'll see you at trial!" and used the $33M to bankrupt all them hoplophobes.

McChuck said...

Remington was going bad before the bankruptcy. Now they've doubled down on stupid.

danielbarger said...

I suspect that it's not Remington making this decision but their insurer.
If Remington doesn't agree to settle if their insurer and the other side
agree to it then they could lose their insurance and be FULLY liable....thus
they will go along for the ride simply because sometimes that is how business works. It's the same with many baseless lawsuits.....they get setteled because the costs of fighting them plus the risk of losing even if the suit is baseless are too a settlement is offered. Just proof that our legal system is ALL KINDS of fuc*ed up.