Monday, July 5, 2021

SERE Training

You see they should've shifted gears to evasion.  Instead these sovereign citizen types allowed themselves to be pinned in place, hampering their freedom of movement.  

The first E is for Evasion.  Now that they are caught they gotta worry about R Reistance and E Escape.  S Survival wasn't really in play just yet.  

These particular individuals may not have had the advantages of Government Instruction, which is pretty cursory to begin with anyway.  But their real first mistake is attracting attention to themselves in the first place.  11 people looking like they are going to a church picnic but have a buncha rifle and pistols hidden out of sight?  Cops rarely notice them.  11 people in Massachusetts walking around with load bearing gear and rifles and pistols... Even the slower police officers tend to notice that. 

Lesson learned?  If you are up to shennanigans maybe don't look like you are up to shennanigans.  Hard to put the stopper back once things get all kinetic.  

Sneaking off on foot into the woods might have been a thought.  Sneaking off into the woods with a contact on the other side that might have driven you off somewhere else and all this planned ahead of time might have been a better thought.  

"They had car trouble T-Bolt!  How can you plan ahead for that?"

Two teams on parallel tracks.  In contact with one another.   Both with excess passenger capacity and both with folks with sharp overland orienteering skills?  That kind of plan?

No matter.  Escape and Resist now.  Your buddy is a Fed, tho.   


Aaron said...

Nah, the Moor goofballs were too set on declaring the Police had no jurisdiction over them to even think of evasion.

But in fact, as it turned out, much to their surprise, the police did have jurisdiction over arresting them.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


ASM826 said...

Sovereign owl.