Tuesday, July 27, 2021

So your argument is you are stupid

Not leftist?

Black Rifle Coffee Company talked to the New York Times and have been doing damage control ever since.

Buncha years back a buddy of mine that was a 3D printer enthusiast, and gun enthusiast, printed up one of them Liberator .22s for fun and the Washington Post heard about him and wanted to interview him and take his picture and video of him shooting it.  

I told him that was a bad idea.  I told him over and over.  They will make him look like a crazed chump. I told him to record the whole interview himself.  He did do this last bit.  The article wasn't too bad.  Much better than BRCC's interview.  But the risk was too great.  I knew that and told him.  He sorta knew that and did it anyway.  He's a bright guy and all, but has his blind spots.  It was dumb to do.  It coulda hurt the 2A movement.  It coulda got him fired "Do you know you have a domestic terrist working there? [link to WaPo article]" Just a bad idea, IMHO.

I guess BRCC thought "what's the worst that can happen?"  Well, you may well go out of business now, is what.  LOTS of places sell coffee beans and the NYTimes doesn't use those other, better, beaneries to piss off and on conservatives.

"Black Rifle Coffee Company.  We SWEAR we aren't actually #NeverTrump commies, we are just dumb as stumps.  I have no idea why the DoD let someone as moronical as me fly their aircraft.  Please keep buying out stuff!  If I lose this job I am probably not bright enough to get another one and my family will starve."

Good luck, BRCC

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