Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Yeah, it doesn't mean that.  Not what people assume.

When someone says that it doesn't mean they back ALL police, right or wrong.

They back the GOOD ones.  The ones that help folks on the side of the road.  The ones that take down REAL bad guys.  Officer friendly.  The officer that saves and old lady for a car being washed away in a flood.  Heroes, and the ones just doing regular cops stuff to the benefit of all but criminal actors. 

They don't back the BAD ones.  The really corrupt ones.  Or ones harassing five year olds in a Burger King (You coulda said no, NYPD).  The ones jacking up normal folks to get you to respect their authority.  Feds that set up entrapment scenarios, like pressuring someone to gunsmith a shotgun to 15 and 7/8th inches instead of 16+".

If you have an #IBackTheBlue sticker on your car, you are a cop, a friend or family member, or you are thinking of cops in Column A.  If you hate the #IBackTheBlue movement, and shout ACAB a lot, your thoughts go to Column B.   

Lately, my thoughts dwell on column B, but I do concede there are a LOT of cops that strive to always be in Column A. But how many B items does an A cop have to do to be forever compromised and worthy of comtempt?

Maj's tweet made me think on this.

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emtgene said...

I was fortunate that when I went through the academy in 71-72, we were trained as Peace Officers, public servants. I retired in 97. Now, they are training Law Enforcement Officers and Warriors....I think this has a lot to do with the behavior of officers now and the public perception of them. Policing needs to get back to the roots of Pealian definition of police officers role in society.