Thursday, January 6, 2022


34% of American believe violence against government is sometimes justified.


And that's just the people that will admit as much to a pollster that cold-called their phone.  I bet their is a sizable enough percentage that thought, when they came to that question, "Not today, Fed," and gave an answer that didn't have anything to do with watering the Tree of Liberty.

That number is considerably higher than in past polls, over the years.  You'd think that would be an eye opener with some folks in the government, that their support wanes ,but I kinda doubt it.   Historically .gov is quite myopic about some things like this. 

None of which is good.  I know I don't want to live in such interesting times.  Unless some take it to heart and steer the ship of state into calmer waters.  


Ritchie said...

"The only question is, how do we convince (arm) the rest?"

Jonathan H said...

Those polls have notoriously low response rates, which add their own level of inaccuracy. I assume the real number is higher, but I could be wrong.

McChuck said...

Historically, there is only one way to change a committed Leftist's mind.