Saturday, January 15, 2022

Are the grocery stores recovered?


What are my chances of getting chick and butter right now?  I can't walk around too much,if I can help it, to help my feet heal, or I would check myself. 


riverrider said...

butter out the wazoo, likewise cheese as for some reason all the milk went to those plants during the weeks before Christmas. milk was unobtainium then, back on the shelf now. bacon and sausage have been wiped out for some time now and remain so. apparently selling all of the pork processors to china was a bad idea. who knew?...yes, just about everybody.

Laura said...

Aldi seems to have the most reliable full shelves. I'm told Wegman's is generally pretty good.

Walmart was full yesterday.

Avoid Weis and Giant for now, they're struggling to keep things on the shelves.