Tuesday, January 25, 2022

New Law a-Comin'

No guns within 100 feet or a polling place.

So folks had questions.  

  • From the front door of a polling place, from the parking lot?
  • What if I am driving past on the way to the range?  Illegal?
  • What if my HOUSE is 100 feet from the polling place?
Well, they are hashing out those details.  Looks like they will specify the front door, with exemptions if you live real close.  Or are doing normal legal things with a firearm, like driving to the range or...  if you have a CCW.

So the aw is targetting people only doing something illegal, otherwise, and piling on a "Oops you also did that illegal firearm thing while it ALSO being the first Tuesday in November on an even numbered year or during a primary" so it is a pile on charge to other gun charges.


And with all these extra early voting days, that means more jeopardy for already-criminals besides that one or three Tuesdays.

Maryland gun laws.  What you do instead of something.    


'Ghost Guns' will also be illegal.  If you have an 80% lower that you (this is probably, the law ain't hammered down yet) made into a working firearm and you don't take it to an FFL to get a number put on it by January 2023, then that is 3 years and a $10,000 fine misdemeanor.  But I'll report back when they have finalized it.  Looks like they are failing to grandfather clause it, and MD Dems are sensitive to that.  


Jonathan H said...

"Ghost Guns" are the big boogeyman these days...
It is easy to engrave a weapon, and hard to tell they aren't engraved - I wonder how they are going to enforce this, and how they are justifying the lack of a grandfather clause. Does the law say anything about putting fake markings on a weapon?

As a practical matter, licensed manufacturers are going to be concerned about putting their markings on something they didn't make for liability reasons. They also will be concerned about paying excise taxes on these items.
As a licensed manufacturer in a state just implementing a law like this, I would be leery of putting my markings on a weapon I didn't make.

riverrider said...

va is going to roll back all the dumb democrat laws they passed last time. no matter, i never obeyed them anyway. i'm done obeying there "laws". be ungovernable.

ruralcounsel said...

How long before they decide mail-in voting creates a polling place out of every home.