Wednesday, January 12, 2022


The blog fodder tank is low, today.  Stream of conscious blogging? Sorry.

The doc is talking surgery for my feet.  Shave off some metatarsals to let the bleeding ulcers heal.  I hate this.  I am falling apart.  3 years ago I just had a back ache.  I thought it was just a 50 year old back.  Then all... this... happened.

It's a blow to the morale of the unit, I tell ya.

And worse, it is all so BORING.  Sorry about that.

I dunno how, but my vacation time accrued to max. I gotta burn some of that, too. Sucks to put sick days on the vacation side of the ledger, but, here we are.  Better than negative house, sure.

I don't know nothing about empty shelves.  I know I used to bring you the grocery report for this region at the height of the pandemic, but I've gotten stuff delivered the last few times.  Shipt.  Seems ok   You can't say "Bring me juicing oranges, a whole mesh bag!" and expect to get what you want, tho.  It makes up for it by me not having to walk around a store. 



Thomas said...

Hang in there, and keep blogging when you can.

Will said...

Would HBOT help any of your health problems? Doctors tend not to think of it, as it isn't "main stream" for the medical establishment. Mostly, they just want to push drugs, as that is where the money is.

For your reading habit, check out this book: Butchered by 'Healthcare'. Lots of data to keep you up at night!