Monday, January 31, 2022

Rock Rock Rock

I kinda want a rocking chair.  

I guess I am off that age.

I think I am enamored with the idea of a rocking chair, but in practice, not so much.  It's hard and cold in the winter...  How good can it be for my sketchy back?

Kennedy got a Boston Rocker.  That certain style.

See, even HE had to pad it all over to make it comfy.  But knockoff are in the price point I'd want to spend.  There are lots of Chinese rocking chair with flat seat for $100.  I'd want something with enough refinement in the comfort to warrant $500 or so, give or take.  Made in the USA, often, too, at that price point.  Not always, but often.

This one is practically a Morris Chair.

And I liked the comfort of this style, the few I tried sitting in a coupla decades ago

Which brings me to another problem.  Where to put it?  Rockers take up a LOT of real estate.  I could put it out on the screened in porch, but then you are getting to the "is it too nice to be exposed to the elements?"  And then how often would I use it?  Too cold today.  I'd have to take up pipe smoking on the regular to force me out to it.  

This one is my favorite, but it's north of three grand.  Phew!  I'd have to be dying of some deadly disease to justify that purchase.  But it's a lovely modern design.


riverrider said...

kennedy had a really bad back. took major painkillers for it.

Observer said...

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