Sunday, January 16, 2022

My aching dogs

"So, yer feet ulcers aren't healing.  Our next step is surgery.  We go in through the top of your foot, shave away some bone on the bottom.  It'll be great."

Sure.  They fixed my neck-bones by going in through the throat, and took out my tonsils via an endoscopy.  Fine.  FINE.

I guess it makes a lotta sense.  Wounds on the BOTTOM are not healing.

Oh, and I totally forgot about that lemon sized mass in my gut. The treatment probably shrunk it. Probably.

Anyhoo, Thursday is imaging day.  Gonna get a CT of that mass and an MRI of one foot.


Bigus Macus said...

I've been dealing with a foot ulcer for a while. I went and bought some emuaid to see if that helps it heal.

Will said...

did the docs check for allergies? I'm very sensitive to aspartame, and my hands and feet will develop ulcers that get bad enough to leave bleeding prints. I mean really sensitive. If a food maker makes a no sugar version along with a normal version of any type of food or drink, they will contaminate the normal one, and I react.

Might be some other allergy, but the pharmacist tells me that skin issues like that are almost always something being consumed, that your immune system is oversensitive to it. For decades the various docs prescribed steroids for the problem. None of them ever mentioned it might be something I was eating or drinking.