Thursday, January 27, 2022

Got Nuffin but Bread and Buttah

Still can't brain.

Water cooler talk is just about the ghost gun ban the State legislature is bandying about.  And I went over that already.

Maybe I need a cat.  A used one.  Who knows how much time I have left, I don't want the cat to be disappointed if I check out early.  

Been making bread.  A good survival skill.  There is two tricks.  One, have a good stand mixer.  I inherited one of those years ago and had only used it to grind venison for chili.  Two, a Pullman pan.  I've made a few loaves.  The first was the perfect consistency, the second needed more water, and the third was too wet.  I did nothing to correct these flaws.  And I found that making bread is pretty forgiving.  The only deviation from prep instructions I have done is let the dough second-rise a little longer in the pan before baking.  Oh, a bit more flour than 4 cups.  Like a quarter or less.  

Eat that bread in a week.  It will grow mold after that.  It's a bit denser than store-sammich, so it takes a bit longer to toast.  

1 comment:

Laura said...

I keep eyeballing pullman pans.

But I think I'mma perfect my tarts first.