Friday, January 28, 2022

Purity of Essence

You people laughed at me when I warned you they were adulterating the water supply.  

Now this guy, who has to be a good guy because he teaches morality and ethics at a College, is going to put a pound of Fentanyl, Eloi-Control-Drugs in the reservoir.

I shoulda retired already, with a 1990s truck and a good well out in the forested country west of here.  



Ritchie said...

Is this really what anyone is using for "academic rigor?"
So sad. Tragic, really. I have to call this one as a primary
claim own goal. I have morality pills. Cans and cans and cans
of them. Everywhere I look there seems to be more of them.

Gerry said...

Moral enhancement seems to mean forced compliance to this scholar. Drink the Kool Aid damn you, you'll be a better person in our eyes.

BTW I still have my 1990 F-150. Needs constant loving but runs well enough.