Thursday, January 13, 2022

This is about as useless a Trey Gowdy hearing.  Just a lotta talk.  

I agree with the sentiment, but so?

What law do you propose to accomplish this separation of wealth and power?  No?  Then what does an article most all conservative already agree with need writing for?  Yes.  We know.  List some concrete steps that puts on the corrective.  We can then evaluate those "that's loony!", "that'd work, but it'll never pass, like term limits or a balance budget amendment", "that'll eventually backfire and make things worse", or "ok, now you are onto something."

I am frustrated because I am at a loss on what to do my ownself and need some ideas.  


Marty said...

To reach this end, would it not require LESS laws? Deregulation? Fewer landmines to step on. Like NO property tax on my primary residence after I turn 65.

riverrider said...

term limits, yes. then only taxPAYERS get to vote. maybe even repeal women's sufferage. i.q. test to qualify to vote. or old old school, only landowners can vote. worked pretty well back then. then all laws expire, have to be renewed individually, no omnibus. line item vetos. no amendments that don't pertain to the subject of the bill. and biggest one, no political parties. text of every bill posted to the net for, idk, a year before the vote.

riverrider said...

better yet, enforce the tenth, put it all back to the states except defense and settling interstate arguments.

Jonathan H said...

Fewer laws and regulation, so that there are fewer ways TPTB can arbitrarily and unevenly enforce the laws (or take bribes, lobbying, etc to do it).

As Divemedic showed a few days ago, state and federal permits, approvals, etc reduce competition, not encourage it.

ASM826 said...

I would strike at the heart of it. Make an amendment so that anyone can only serve 2 terms as a Senator or Congressman. Cap their income at what it is the year before they choose to run for office for the time they are in office and for 5 years after. Make it so that they cannot write exceptions for themselves in the law.

Career politicians need to be a thing of the past.