Friday, January 14, 2022

The good health news

This whole thing started with back pain getting worse. Well, Lyrica has brought that under control!  I can sit for long periods if I wanna.

One thing I haven't done in a while is play video games. Fallout and Skyrim, if you want my big two for hours played.

Red Dead Redemption doesn't work on my machine.  And the failed install has gimped it for all Rockstar games.  Fine.  Pity.  Next desktop, maybe.

I have but haven't done much with Alien Resurrection.

I have been interested in Escape From Tarkov.  But would probably fail miserably at it.  Even in a pure PVE version of it, but it is PVP.  

The newer Rome Total War, just didn't grab me right away.  I could try that again.


I think my video games have to have a story.  FPS but the stand alone is you invading Europe, 1944.  Boston in 2377 after a nuclear exchange.  Sort and sorcery in the Nord homeland.  Also hmmm.    

Any suggestions?  Long weekend coming up.


Laura said...

Assassin's Creed. Any of them, but Odyssey and Valhalla are the two newest and they have an actual story to them. Also they're *pretty*.

Ygolonac said...

There's a way to run Tarkov as solo vs bots, but it's still built as a massive grindfest because, well, Tarkov - it's notorious for being designed for poopsocking sweathogs who play 10+ hours a day.

My daily double is Red Dead Online (speaking of poopsocking sweathogs) and the RogueTech mod for HBS BattleTech - giant robot combat, but RT crams in as much as possible from the original tabletop game. And then some. Severe difficulty curve (it's not called "ROGUETech" because it sounds cool), and will make most computers squeal and hide under the furniture, but I find it great fun. (My 100-ton punchbot build will charge across most terrain at 120 KPH or so, and oneshot enemy mechs to the tune of 2/3rds of everythign is totally destroyed. It's ridiculous.)

Kinda vaguely considering what I'm going to once I burn out on cowboy stuff - Fallout 4 (or New Vegas again, most likely), Skyrim, Saints Row 3 or 4 (since In never finished 4), maybe pick up Borderlands 3. Far Cry 4 or 5 deserve some time as well, but 5 needs to be modded *badly*. Witcher 3, I finished and burned out on before the big DLCs were released...

Oooor, the huge backlog of stuff I've bought and never got around to playing at all. :V

Aaron said...

Ultimate General Civil War will be a multi-hour long time sink if you like civil war strategy games. Very involved and rather fun.

I hope you keep getting better and glad your back is feeling better now.

TheAxe said...

Doing a replay of Witcher 3. It's really good and came out in 2015 so runs fine on my older laptop but also looks amazing on my newer desktop. Not sure if you've tried World of Tanks or World of Warships, I find them fun in smaller doses.