Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Discussion of an Atlantic article elsewhere.

"Although far out of step with what most liberals actually thought, [Tucker] Carlson’s sampling of liberal views was emblematic of what conservatives believed about liberals. Conservatives in our sample estimated that 61 percent of liberals—more than twice the actual number—endorsed the abolition of law enforcement."

The overinflated 61% number isn't the story, really.  The buried lede is a whole 30% of the left do indeed want the abolition of law enforcement.  

That... that doesn't seem good.  That's a sizable number.  How do they think that works out for society?  Or are they gaslightning their reason and are just trying to immanetize the eschaton for their lord and savior Karl Marx?  (yes, I meant 'lightning')

But the article isn't ostensibly about law enforcement policies, but about one side of the political spectrum's assumptions about the tother side.  

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