Wednesday, January 5, 2022

During DC's snow

"T-Bolt, why do you want to retire to Cleveland?  You know it snows worse up there."

The important word is 'retire'.  Note I did not say 'commute around up there'. 

"But you have to leave the house sometime!"

That's what Spring is for.

Plus a requirement is a two car garage.  A space for my car (w/ trailer hitch), and a space for my tractor snow-blower with a trailer to tow it places to get it serviced.  

Oh, and I'll need a basement to store food and keep a large wine cellar.  

Who am I kidding.  The cancer will carry me off before then.  If it doesn't I'll struggle to get to the doctor in Ohio in the wintertime.  I think that is why oldsters go south.  Not for the warm weather, but the ease of movement to get to appointments.

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LCB said...

After a certain age cold weather HURTS. Ask me, I know! Especially if you've had by-pass surgery. 10 degree weather feels like a rip saw to the lungs!