Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ammo Types

I've discussed before how I like to keep ammo inventory simple. I don't want a lot of different calibers to keep track of and on hand. For instance, to have a .32, 32 Magnum, .25, .38, .41, .44, .45ACP, .45LC... while FUN, is a bit much. For me.

(I apply this ease of use simplicity to other things in my life. I have 2 sock drawers. One black, one white. And I only buy one brand of socks of each color. Makes it easy to just grab 2 socks from one drawer in the dark and having it all work out fine in the light of day. Never send me brown or blue socks!)

So, I have:

Four things that shoot .22 LR. 2 pistols 2 rifles

Two things that shoot .308.

Three things that shoot .38/.357. 2 pistols 1 rifle.

But, I need more things that shoot the OTHER calibers. The Orphans.

I only have the one that shoots .45ACP. I need to correct this one day. I sorta want a .45 Camp Carbine. Commonality of caliber AND commonality of magazine. What I'll probably end up getting is another 1911. Officer size, or Commander.

I only have the one Sig that shoots .40. Chances are this will remain that way. If that gun breaks I'd switch to the .45. This is an orphan caliber that will stay that way by design. It's only for full size CCW carry with nothing to hang on clothes. One day I may eschew it's Double Action and graduate to a proper 1911 for full time carry. And maybe even get rid of the .40.

Another 12 gauge would be nice. That will be a relatively inexpensive, and butt simple, 12 gauge, someday.

The .380 is another orphan caliber. I only have the one Pocket Hammerless to shoot it. I'd like to get second Colt, some time. I've even bid on them in auctions. No luck just yet. This is the one I am closest to finding a buddy for, removing it from the orphan list. Again... no big hurry.

I have the orphan .30-06 Springfield 03. There is only 20 or so rounds around for it. That's ok. And I'm not actively seeking another .30-06. No room in the safe if I found one.

So, it'd be nice to get spares of both the .380, and the .45, maybe a .45 carbine, and another 12 gauge. Fine. Something to consider for the List.

And just forget about all that other stuff... Like ARs.

But I'm done buying guns. For the most part. Really. For a while. I might miss next year's buy-a-gun day. Just sayin.


JB Miller said...

I keep large inventories of:

.308, .223, .22LR, .45, .40, 9mm, 12ga.

Casual amounts:

.44, .357, .38, .25, .380, 20ga.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Too many casuals.

JB Miller said...

Too many for you maybe...

Some day the .44, .357, .38 may get promoted to 1000 or more rounds on hand.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You need to update your blog JB.

What are you thinking about getting for .357 or .44? More pistols or are you thinking carbines?

Old NFO said...

9mm, 38, 45, 223, 30-06 and 308 That's it (well other than the case of 00Buck for the 12ga)

commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I love your blog!!

Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange???

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Oh, commoncents... Never. After the last time you spammed this blog I even posted about you. You don't ASK for a link exchange without actually unilaterally linking to someone first. It's just plain rude. If you were more that a robot link blog with SOME original content I might have considered even after such a slight. But, as it is... All future comments by you will be deleted.

Arthur said...

My main calibers are .45 and 7.62x39. I have mains and backups in those.

My alternates are .22, .380 and 308.

The 380 is for tossing in my shorts, the 308 for LOOOONG distance shooting.

The .22 is for general handgun/rifle practice.

I cast and reload for everything other than .22.

Keith said...

You're a more practical man than I am. I've got a hundred rounds of .348 Win and even more than that of .30-40, on the basis that I'd like to have one of each someday and might as well have the ammo ready.

Camp carbines are good things. I've got a Trijicon RMR, and it's a very nice combination. I've only put a couple rounds through it, so I can't say too much about the reliability, but so far there have been no problems at all. I vote get one.

Mad Saint Jack said...

In my perfect world, Ruger would co-opt the 1911 magazine into their .45 guns and then build a Police Carbine 45 (love my PC 9). They would sell a metric ton of them.

I'm shooting mostly .22 LR, but have a good hoard of 9 mm, .38 & .357, 7.62x39, 6.5x55 swede (love it), and 12 gauge.

Need more .410 to feed my Saiga.

JB Miller said...

Yes, I want carbines in .44 and .357.

You are right. I am a blog slacker. I'm on it.

Keith said...

*that should have read "only put a couple hundred rounds through it so far," not "only out a couple rounds through it"

Murphy's Law said...

.223 for the ARs
.308 and .30-06 mainly for the M.G. but also for the secondary rifles.
.45 for the primary handgun
.357 for the rifle/pistol combo
9mm for the SMG and secondary pistols that can use it.

Reloading dies and supplies for all of the above.

.22 to train
12 ga. slug/buck

and a trailer to move it all if need be.

Oh--and dog biscuits for the Asst. Gunner.

Love your blog--come on over to our house and poke around when you get a minute! Even Marylanders are welcome as long as they're gun folk!