Monday, November 8, 2010


I am already bad enough at proofing a post prior to publishing. Careful attention to detail has never been my strong suit.

A notion appalled me. What if, in the years I had been posting, I had misspelled a blog label? Like I had spelled it "2nd Amendmant" all this time and only now noticed? I haven't done something like that. Yet. But would be mortified if I had.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Any form of Modern American would do just fine, as long as it isn't in Morse Code. ; )

John Richardson said...

I have the same problem especially if I am inspired late in the evening. Fortunately, my significant other is a good proofreader and will email me all my mistakes so I can correct them.

Crotalus said...

You're lucky that you weren't printing T-shirts that listed some dead terrorists and then said, "Osama, your next". I thought that since he was making T-shirts, I should tell him that it's "you're next". Poor guy was sure embarrassed!