Monday, February 18, 2013

Smith & Wesson

I like Smith & Wesson products.  But I am glad I didn't pay attention to the gunnie world back when they were voluntarily bending over and acquiescing to the gun banners.  That would have led to a bad taste in my mouth and might make me more reluctant to purchase their products.

That said, I have only bought one new Smith.  A .22 revolver.  Model 617.  It has a pimple-lock on it that's ugly, but, since it's a .22 that is less of an issue to me. 

If they want me to buy factory new revolvers, they'll ditch this dingus.  I'll wait til then to get a 625 or an R8.

Maybe a M&P one day.  Or their version of a 1911.  One day.  Maybe.  I'd rather spend my cash on a revolver

I guess they don't want my money.


Bob said...

Lawyers would kill them in lawsuits if they, having added a safety device, decided to drop it. They've done some runs of revolvers without the lock, and presumably will do other runs in the future. I'm sure they are very aware that the market for used Smiths without the lock has exploded.

Daddy Hawk said...

S&W revolvers are slick, but I can't justify the price of poker for a new one. The aforementioned explosion in the used market means I have to settle for gently abused one if I want one....and get there before the other vultures. I like the M&P's as well, but I'd just as soon pay $100 less and get a Ruger SR as they would serve the same purpose in my line up. The S&W 1911 is pretty, but I've been seeing some smoke that there are reliability issues. Look at the Sig 1911s if you want a 1911 with an external extractor. I really like mine.

Tam said...

Isn't your 1911 a Springfield?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

The big one is.