Friday, May 1, 2015

If you don't want to kill some kid

"For having a pocketknife in his pocket, then don't make it illegal for him to have a pocketknife in his pocket."


Or bit of white powder, or ground up plant leaves.

Speaking of plant leaves, the way things are going, eventually someone is going to die in police custody because someone pass a law about tobacco and its possession.

Sure police are rough and mean and yada yada at times, but the blame goes on the people that passed the law.   Politicians.  And the people that voted for them.  Us.

You gotta be careful, how you vote.  And hit more lawmakers in the nose with a rolled up newspaper.   And I'm not talking about shouting at the 'other' side's pols.  They expect you to yell at them.  You gotta correct your friends.   YOUR side.  


Unknown said...

The tobacco-enforcement death already happened in NYC not terribly long ago. The fellow was choked out while resisting his arrest for selling loose cigarettes.

Wolfman said...

I often think of this when I see posts like 'Don't want to get beaten by the cops? Don't break the Law!' and I think to myself, 'Do you guys have ANY idea how many dang laws there are and how easy it is to break them?'

A similar thing for those folks that say 'You could solve that police brutality thing by being cooperative.' It's not illegal to tell the police that they are idiots, and explain that you were doing nothing wrong. Well, if there is, then that's a pretty damn stupid law.

That's why I'm a minarchist- the party of 'There Oughtn't be a Law!'