Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Back Slide

Angus brings up a good point in the comments.

Have you noticed that once folks go from neutral to pro-gun, or gun-banner to pro-gun, they never go back?  The sentiment is one way.

No gun-and-freedom enthusiast ever becomes a gun-banner.

Oh sure, you get gun enthusiasts like Sean Penn that melt their collection down.  But he was just a gun enthusiast.  Not gun-and-freedom enthusiast.  There is a difference.  And you already knew that. 

I can't think of many at all that trod the path back toward tyranny.

Interesting.  Maybe that is why we are winning?  Every convert is permanent.  Set in concrete.  We are like a boa constrictor, squeezing the gun-banners a little tighter with each exhale.... 

1 comment:

Marty said...

I think BS Detectors get activated. "Hey, They were wrong about this, what other lies are there..."