Thursday, December 3, 2015


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There might have been a time when I may have thought.  "Aw heck, just do it, you'll probably be fine."

I've had many hours of gunsmith training.  Now when I a pick up a Dremel I don't think that.  I think "I'm gonna screw this up, I'm gonna screw this up, I'm gonna screw this up...  There, screwed it up."

So why do people still go to the Dremel and then go for the Kleenex tissues because of all the tears?  Because gunsmiths, real gunsmiths, use these little monsters.  When used right they are fast and effective.  But that so-called 'real' gunsmith has a lot more practice than you and ruined a lot more gun parts before getting to where he or she is.  That's the difference. 

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