Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sub Guns

As a kid, submachine guns held a fascination for me, and others.  It was the 80s.  A time of Miami Vice, MAC10s and Uzis.  Later, the MP9 was in all the Die-Hardian style Hollywood offerings.  A resurgence of popular interest in WWII brought renewed attention to the Tommy Gun and the Greasegun.  The MP40, too.

I always knew it would be a hassle to acquire one of my own.  Even as a kid in the 80s I knew that.  Some my covetous ardor was tempered from the start. 

Then I became a gunnie.

The hassle isn't so much, anymore.  Demystified.  I'd be willing to jump through those hoops. (Which is arguably worse than the current State regulatory regime, but I mind it less because it was enacted long ago.  Maryland's rules are fresh insult, and rankle more because of that.)  Expense is more of a deterrent now, with sub guns, than red tape. 

And I've had some limited experience actually shooting sub machine guns.  Submachineguns.  Both spellings are acceptable, I guess.  Not a lot, but some. 

Being a gunnie I've learned more details about more esoteric offerings in this breed.  Like the various varieties of the 'Swedish K' and playing with a Sten, and Glock 18, and learning about the Reising

So now...  It's not like familiarity breeds contempt.  But it's like the itch is scratched.  The mystery of my youth is gone.  And it's not even the performance limitations that is souring any desire.  It's like a motorcycle.  I am glad they exist, I admire nicer examples, but it's just not for me.

Which feels odd.

But there was a time I'd never thought I'd own anything more than a revolver, really.  Much less one and a spare.  Like, I figured I'd never bother with a semi-automatic unless one was given to me.  

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