Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Portuguese for south, maybe.  Yeah, pretty much.

What does that have to do with guns?  I had no idea until this last simulator session.  Now that I know, there is plenty of discussion on line about it.

It's a way to transition for low ready to a close to the body yet 'safe' pistol position where a ND will not you but impacts about 6 inches in front of you toes.  It also is good for retention.  If you keep your elbow up and someone grabs your gun, if you pull way the gun shifts to a natural point at the grabber's center mass.

That guy doesn't have his elbow up. It was demonstrated to me what happened in a gun grabbing situation if you elbow is down. You are much more easily disarmed.

So why are you bring in the gun close you belly?  Primarily to give you a chance to check your six o'clock without having to resort to putting your gat against your ear.

So, I am getting into so esoteric-ish gunfighting techniques.  Previous sessions had more conventional stuff I was already familiar with.  Low ready.  Press out position.  &c.  But now this new concept.


Little tip about checking six...  The instructor keeps a foam baseball bat for folks that don't do it and do it right.  Give him too much time and he'll sneak up close behind you with it.  You are supposed to react to him and that threat before he gets you.  Which makes me fell REALLY weird because you are turning the gun 180 from down range and dealing with a person threat, not a target.  Gotta beat that out of me.  Be safe at the range but be ready to turn that conditioning off if it calls for it. 


Aside:  I have a bad habit of drawing a pistol back to the press-out position, or 'compressed ready'.  It's a simulator, the pixels aren't real.  I've been conditioned by video games and Hollywood that when a bad guys falls down that is it.  Well, not completely conditioned.  I still have the pistol in close but pointed at the threat.  I am just not concentrating on the threat long enough.


abnormalist said...

So lemme see if I have this right, hes trying to represent a threat on a life fire course? Did I miss something or does this seem like a good way to get shot? I want to make sure I understand what you're saying here Tbolt, so please don't interpret this as my being a J/A (usually a valid state)...

Yes a student should have the control to "switch it off", but seriously man... that seems like a good step in a bad direction...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Well, the point of the Sul position is point your pistol in a place safer than low-ready. As long as you don't bend over and point the muzzle at your femoral artery, or spread your legs unnaturally far apart, or someone else isn't in your personal space, an ND hits the bare ground a foot from your toes.

The rest of the video is another matter.

Unknown said...

Position 3 is a modified low ready position. Not a standard low ready position but where the weapon drops just below the shooters sight plane.
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