Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gun Ban

Let's say America DID decide to ban guns.  All guns.  Repeal the 2nd Amendment and turn them in.

Bear with me.

Also, let's assume, that gunnies sort of had a change of heart.  A whole slew of us are on board with this.  Say 50% of us swing around on the issue.  Sure there are still cantankerous gunnies that don't go along.  There are just half as many in this fictional future.  Instead of 2%ers they are 1%ers.

That would be a MASSIVE development.  And millions of guns would be surrendered and destroyed.  Bloomberg's dream

How many millions of guns AREN'T turned in?  Not counting criminals are such that were never gonna turn anything in regardless.  This is just guns in the hands of otherwise regular folks that simply won't comply there is just half as many of them as there are now.

It's still tens of millions of firearms.  Maybe a hundred million?  And impossibly large number for the authorities to deal with.  And that much closer to a civil war.

What is the real expectation of the gun-banners?  Or are they still unable to think beyond Stage 1?  Probably.

And I wrote this all before the attack in Cali.

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B said...

And here is the thing:

Yes, they can show up and stack up outside YOUR door tonight and they will likely take your guns....And you will likely resist, and at least would one or two...

Word gets out, and, since thre are only so many teams and so many they can hit tonight, EVERYONE is waiting tomorrow.

So say each team of 10 hits 4 houses tonight. Half make a determined resistance...Half are successful. So each team of 10 is down 4 people (at a minimum) after the first night....when we were all unsuspecting.

Tomorrow night, we are all ready. How many are missing from the teams after the second night?

And how many are willing to try the night after that....and the one after that...and the one after that?

How long before the confiscation teams has no one willing to work 'em?