Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Best Gun Salesman

Brack Obama may be the best gun salesman every, but people consider less often:  he's the best booster of the NRA, too.

Every time there is a call for gun bans from on high folks I know are telling me, "yeah, I let my dues lapse but after that Oval Office speech I went ahead and bought 2 years worth of NRA dues."  Or, "I've been meaning to join for a while so I signed myself up and my brother."

Not just the NRA, but any gun rights organization.  I'm sure SAF and GOA et al. are doing better these days.

Wonder how the Brady coffers look when you don't count billionaire sugar daddy cash, if daddy deigns to pay?

I should ask JayG if he can divulge anything as long as I keep it off the record.  Are peeps down at NRAHQ high fiving each other in the break rooms?


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ProudHillbilly said...

Which reminds me - I need to change to a life membership...