Saturday, December 26, 2015

In the simulator

The last gun skool pistol shooting simulator course...  Run the shooter (me) until he is out of gas, then run him some more. 

Why?  Sprinting rage zombie practice?  Why shoot to the limit of trigger finger endurance?  I don't have a pistol with a 250 round magazine.  Nor would I carry ten 25 rounders...

Well, being so fatigued you can barely squeeze the trigger forces you to concentrate on grip and trigger squeeze form.  Also:  in a high stress environment with a massive adrenalin dump you can experience these symptoms of fatigue on the first shot.

For those that were in the military...  Ever had to pass a PT test when the standard have been raised and everyone is watching and the DI is yelling at you?  Yesterday you were fine, but that day your legs feel like rubber.  Like you are running in jello.  The next time, when it isn't on the line, you are back to normal?  It's like that.

I bet shooting competition stress brings a little of that out of people, too.  If you can shrug off the pressure you do better, right?  But if you let the pressure get to you your adrenal gland acts up and you also tense up, working against yourself.


This training might not be ideal, for me or for everyone.  But I think it is what I need right now. Hard to tell.  What do I know what I 'need.'  I begin to doubt myself.  It is training, though, and I see improvements in there, and it's not that expensive so...  I am continuing.

Average training is better than no training.  And this seems, to me, like above average training. 

Poor training might not be better than no training.  Plus poor training can lead to racing stripe negligent discharges.  Certainly no threat of that in a simulator.  But I bet Sensei conducts live fire in a legitimate non-foolish manner.

*And yes, I was kidding with the Sensei bit.

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